Wheel of Change

How do you make a city better? How do you transform a city into a playground?


These are the questions that Leadership Foundations is devoted to answering. Through over 35 years of field-tested work, we believe the key is developing leaders who drive the wheel of permanent change in their cities by increasing mastery of our three functions: engaging leaders of good faith and good will, building the capacity of others, and developing joint initiatives. Through consistent application of these three functions to a particular place over a given amount of time, cities do in fact get better.


Our members love their cities and we want to help them love their cities in practical ways that make their communities more whole. That is why we focus on resourcing our network. We do this by connecting, developing, and equipping them through a variety of key services. Whether it is the support of a Senior Associate, one of the veteran coaches assigned to each member, or using the Stages of Impact tool to develop a plan to deepen their impact and mastery of the three functions, we are working to strengthen our members. This commitment to better resourcing our network will make our members better, which in turn makes our cities better.


Around the world Local Leadership Foundations are using the LF wheel of change to transform their cities. As we begin a new year, we are excited to report that our members are doing just that- driving positive permanent improvement in their communities to make them more like playgrounds.

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