What We Do - Leadership Foundations

Want to make a city better? Start with its leaders.


Leadership. That’s what we do. We help develop better leaders. Whole leaders. Leaders who know their cities and know how to make those cities whole as a result.


We focus on the foundations of leadership, hence our name. We’re not a grant making institution, not that kind of “foundation.” Leadership Foundations instead is a global network of Local Leadership Foundations who work with local leaders to make lasting change in their cities from the grassroots – the foundations – up.

We work to find those individuals who understand that real change only happens when you address both the social and spiritual issues facing cities. We mentor them, connect them with other leaders, equip and resource them. Then we set them free. To do what they know best…to be great leaders.


Get to know some of these leaders by reading their Stories of Change. Or learn about the programs these leaders carry out to transform cities around the world. After all, great leaders are the foundations of great cities. At Leadership Foundations, we discover, develop and connect great leaders.


What makes Leadership Foundations’ leaders different? Several things:

  • Relational: They know that relationships are key to getting things done in cities, so they treat relationships as a strategic tool, as well as a valued privilege.
  • Both/And: They don’t believe in standard either/or answers. Instead, Leadership Foundations’ leaders opt for “the third way,” solutions that often embrace tensions, cross boundaries and seek to bridge rather than divide.
  • Social and Spiritual: They know that you can’t solve a city’s issues with social services alone nor with prayer and fellowship by itself. You need both social and spiritual solutions.
  • Staying Power: These leaders are committed to an enduring, faithful presence in their cities. They’re not going anywhere soon.
  • Experienced: They are smart in practical, yet optimistic ways; streetwise idealists who combine strong academic backgrounds with years of field-tested experience.