Untold Stories

This past week we have had the chance to read about and reflect on the life and legacy of Maya Angelou. Among the many gifts she gave the world was a lesson on the importance of voice and story. In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings she wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou reminded us of the many untold stories waiting to be told in cities throughout the world. This month we are excited to share two previously untold Leadership Foundations stories with you.


LF Book

Our newly published book, Cities: Playgrounds or Battlegrounds? tells the LF story- that “untold story” Angelou is referring to. This story is the story of many; women and men all over the world working for the social and spiritual renewal of their cities; leaders who serve and give voice to the untold stories within their communities. It is the story of beginning to see your city as a playground rather than a battleground.

LF President Dave Hillis traces the 50 year journey of these individuals and LF’s values, ethos, and theory of change, and argues that the city must be seen as a playground if effective work and change is to take place for the good of the whole and for the long haul.


Get your copy today at Seattle Book Company or Amazon.


LF Podcast

LF has also created a podcast called “Leadership Foundations: City As Playground” to tell our story. Each month you can join hosts Rick Enloe and Dave Hillis as they explore the significance of seeing the city as a playground. They will be joined by urban practitioners from all over the world who are using these strategies in their cities.


You can subscribe now via iTunes or our podcast website.

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