Training Whole Leaders

Leaders are the foundations of great cities. At Leadership Foundations we help develop better leaders. Whole leaders. Leaders who know their cities and know how to make those cities whole as a result. One of the key ways we develop leaders is through our yearly Leadership Foundations Training Institute (LFTI). As has been the case with past gatherings, a theme emerged for our Institute –Whole Leaders. Whole Cities. Better World.


For three days, 63 LF leaders from 39 cities around the world gathered to learn from each other and to engage in a series of intensive trainings focused around our theme and designed to equip them to do their work more effectively. With topics ranging from Building A Local Leadership Foundation, which took our newest network members through the LF framework and theory of change, to Leadership and Management: Thriving Organizations, which examined why building healthy organizational cultures is a critical success factor for flourishing cities, the workshops focused on expanding our collective knowledge to bring out the best in our local leadership foundations (LLFs). Speakers also focused on the importance of self-care through workshops like Urban Spirituality and Soul Care which took an in-depth look at the importance of attentiveness to your own spirit as you seek out the Spirit in difficult places.


Through the LFTI we provide a common platform for women and men to come together, connect, develop their leadership skills, and learn best practices and strategies for creating effective, whole organizations can take on the challenges in their cities. These trainings are one of the key ways that LF develops whole leaders and equips them for intentional, faith-driven work around the globe.

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