The Power of Relationship

It is Leadership Foundations’ (LF) firm conviction that relationships are what will grow leaders and heal the world. Over our 50 year history we have stressed the importance of relationships in all that we do, whether building houses, providing affordable medical care or building ministry collaborations. As a result, the LF Central Office makes it a priority to create and capitalize on relationships that can assist our network in making their cities better. A great example of this is the partnership that we have formed on behalf of LF’s Global Youth Initiative with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (BHOF) and Communities in Schools (CIS).


The LF Global Youth Initiative, created out of our recognition that we can do more together than apart in serving youth, changes lives through local leaders who mentor and equip young people to become the next generation of leaders in their cities. Last year, the LF Central Office partnered with CIS and BHOF to expand and support this initiative. Through this partnership, we are committed to building meaningful, intentional and effective relationships between young people and adult mentors for a very simple, but significant reason: our cities will get better.


Last weekend, we saw the power of this kind of relationship first hand at the inaugural BHOF Charity Golf Classic in Naples, Florida. This fundraising event was a unique expression of our commitment to transformative relationships, providing us a platform to connect people across generations and increase capacity in our programs. Along with the golf tournament and live auction that benefited the LF Global Youth Initiative, basketball clinics were held at the local high school and community center for youth involved in the One by One Leadership Foundation in Immokalee, Florida.


“What an outstanding opportunity for the young people of Immokalee,” said Ken Fairbanks, Immokalee High School Principal. “This is a unique opportunity for us as we try to build our students character and become better servants to our community.”


This event is just one example of how the power of relationships, a core value of LF, can positively impact youth. Through the LF Global Youth Initiative and the work of the LF network these transformative relationships are building the next generation of leaders for cities around the world.

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