Melissa Monroe


Melissa Monroe has been a resident of Tacoma since 1996. Beginning as a student at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) where she received her B.A. in Psychology and Religion, and then working for the Northwest Leadership Foundation (NLF) for 12 years.


Melissa worked for NLF in a variety of different roles and functions. Beginning as NLF’s program administrator for an urban youth program, she has also functioned as NLF’s bookkeeper, provided capacity building as a part of NLF’s service to local faith and community based groups and operated as NLF’s administrative manager. In this role she oversaw the administrative team, participated on the fundraising development team and worked with the executive team. She is currently serving as a part of the Leadership Foundation (LF) administrative team.


Melissa is a parishioner at St. Leo Church where she has volunteered with their capital campaign, faith formation and liturgy. She also collaborates with other groups in the city of Tacoma.

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