Jack Fortin

JackFortin Jack Fortin is dedicated to helping Christian organizations navigate through the permanent whitewater which characterizes our present organizational and community life. Dr. Bob Terry, author of Authentic Leadership, once described Jack as a “boundary leadership educator. He helps others discern their center and their boundaries and teaches how to live effectively at the intersections.”


From his research, Fortin sees throughout North America a disconnect between congregational members’ daily lives and their involvement in the church on Sunday. He sees his call and mission to address this disconnect by equipping “the whole people of God” to their callings in everyday life. Thus connected and equipped, members are able to restore their authentic passion for their work in the world as well as re-ignite congregations for their missions in their communities and throughout the world.


An ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Pastor Fortin worked for Young Life for 20 years as area and regional director and then as a divisional vice president. His work focused on leadership development for emerging leaders within the organization as well as forging partnerships with congregations, schools and other para-church organizations. During much of this time he also served as a teaching pastor at Advent Lutheran Church in Madison, WI.


After Young Life, Fortin was called by the Conference of Bishops of the ELCA to serve as senior vice president of operations at World Vision where his special interest was connecting churches in the U.S. with relief and development needs around the world.


Following his work at World Vision, Fortin served as director of Wilder Forest, a center for ecological community building and youth development. There he developed a multicultural educational staff who developed culturally diverse approaches to experiential education. He also served as a teaching pastor at Christ Lutheran Church, Marine-on- St. Croix, MN during this time.


Fortin spent two years as Interim Senior Minister at Colonial Church of Edina, while maintaining his private practice as managing associate and senior consultant with Human Technologies International and Principal for Centered Leadership, LLC. He also serves and has served on several boards that reflect his interest in church-related mission efforts and youth and community development: World Servants, The Center for Seeing Things Whole, Books for Africa International and the Lutheran Mid-East Development (chair).


Fortin currently spends his time teaching as Senior Fellow at Augsburg College’s Center for Faith and Learning. He has been an author of several publications with his book, Centered Life, being the most recent.

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