Dave Hillis


Dave Hillis has been a resident of Tacoma since 1981.  His first fourteen years of service were with Young Life in a variety of positions ranging from Urban Director of Tacoma to Regional Director for the NW to Urban Training Director.


In 1994 he joined the Northwest Leadership Foundation, which is committed to encouraging, strengthening, and developing leadership for the spiritual and social renewal of the city.  In 1997 Dave took over as the Executive Director.  Under Dave’s leadership NLF grew from a budget of $200,000 with 3 full-time employees to a $2 million, 27 full-time employee organization.  In 2006 Dave transitioned his leadership to Patricia Talton, now President of NLF.  In 2008 Dave was asked to serve as president of the Leadership Foundations. In addition to his current role as President of Leadership Foundations, he also lends his expertise to our global network as an LF Senior Associate.


Dave received his undergraduate degree from Western Washington University, his Master’s of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and his Doctorate of Ministry from Bakke Graduate University in June 2007.  Dave is an adjunct professor for several higher Ed institutions, is frequently a guest lecturer and teacher at urban ministry and leadership seminars and facilitates an urban theological roundtable.  He has served on the boards of numerous community organizations and urban churches. Dave is also a member of St. Leo Church.

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