Changing Our Metaphors

Joseph Campbell famously stated, “If you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor.” Clearly his idea was preceded by Jesus. He replaced the metaphors that allowed the religious authority of his day to exclude and provided ones that include common women and men thereby allowing them to change the world.


LF achieves this through seeing the city as a playground rather than a battleground. We change the metaphor so we can change the world.  Along with seeing the city as a playground, another very powerful metaphor for LF has been something Karl Barth was reported to have said. When asked what should be the posture of a Christian in the world he talked about holding on to the bible with one hand and the newspaper with the other. His argument is that, to witness to God’s Kingdom, one must keep these two sources in honest, transparent, and consequential dialogue with each other.


To live into this reality of bible and newspaper in more robust ways, we are pleased to announce the creation of the LF Blog. And, interestingly enough, this first post came as a direct result of the newspaper. In April nationally syndicated columnist, Leonard Pitts, wrote an op-ed piece on the tragedy in Ferguson and a letter he received from a reader. The reader, Mr. Pitts reported, simply asked what she could do to try and help. Mr. Pitts answered her by asking his readers for ideas that might help this woman. LF replied by sending a response. Whether Mr. Pitts uses LF’s reflection is a question that remains unanswered. What was produced is the recognition that if LF is to fulfill its mission we should be demonstrating what a faith-filled response might look like as we read our newspapers and bibles: thus the LF blog.


City as playground, bible in one hand and newspaper in the other: metaphors that change us so we can change the world.


Read our response to Pitt’s article on the LF blog.

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