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Colangelo Carpenter Innovation  Center


The role of the Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center (CCIC) is to honor the enduring legacy of LF’s founder Reid Carpenter and founding board chair Jerry Colangelo and to provide an innovative space to generate and scale innovative practices, programs, and policies that support the Leadership Foundations network and cities around the world.  


We believe the CCIC will be the first institute of its kind sourcing, testing, and sharing the best ideas for transforming the way cities serve people in need and mobilizing faith communities around the world to respond. 




 The CCIC is uniquely positioned to generate and scale creative ideas for serving people in need through five distinctive features:  


Global Scale 

LF is a growing network of 40 plus Local Leadership Foundations from around the world with another 30 interested in membership. The CCIC’s mission is not simply to generate and test new ideas for transforming the way cities serve people in need, but to see those ideas applied to meet real-time, systemic community needs on a global scale. The CCIC has access to ideas from on-the-ground experts from around the world and can efficiently learn and scale what works, and then distribute models and training to serve hundreds of thousands of people in need.   


Integrated Data  

The CCIC is linked to LF’s Stages of Impact (SOI) data platform. The SOI platform collects organizational, financial, and programmatic insights from Local Leadership Foundations, which the CCIC can access to source insights and demonstrate impact. All CCIC programs are designed with a view toward their capacity to collect meaningful data, so we can improve the quality of data input, output, and analysis across the network. The CCIC will also be a key engine for expanding and improving the way LF builds and leverages the SOI data platform going forward.  


Bridge to Faith Communities  

Faith communities are increasingly understood as a critical broker for social capital and community engagement, and therefore their role as community impact partners is in higher demand. Because LF is a Christian organization that has worked with both faith-based and community-based partners for over 40 years, the CCIC begins with the credibility to demonstrate and distribute best practices on faith-based community engagement to any and all potential partners. Similarly, the CCIC is in a position to credibly translate ideas from the private, public, and social sectors into meaningful efforts within faith communities.  


Based in Washington, DC  

In Washington, DC the CCIC is positioned to participate in and contribute to the global conversation about how cities are changing and how city leaders are learning to implement programs and policies to serve people in need. The CCIC will work alongside research and policy think-tanks, global NGOs, and policymakers to better understand and more directly shape the way faith communities are involved in serving cities around the world.  


Relationships & Local Capacity Building  

While innovation is the goal, relationships are the ways and the means by which innovation is achieved. As a result, the CCIC is in a unique position to generate ideas and program models that can quickly be adopted and adapted at a local level and implemented in a way that builds local capacity. This counters the notion that innovative ideas operate independent of community contexts and that what works best for one, works best for all. This will be further augmented by the CCIC Senior Innovation Fellows, a group of women and men uniquely shaped by their faith and domain expertise, that will allow the CCIC to always be relationally relevant and contextual. 



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