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Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center


Leadership Foundations (LF) grew from the passion and vision of Reid Carpenter who creatively and tirelessly initiated collaborative ventures with hundreds of local partners to assist at-risk youth, prisoners and their families, people with inadequate health care, families in need of housing, and individuals and families with alcohol and drug addictions. Reid’s early efforts were supported and multiplied by the visionary leadership and compassionate work of sports-legend Jerry Colangelo, who became LF’s founding board chair.

To honor the enduring legacy of LF’s founder, Reid Carpenter, and founding chair, Jerry Colangelo, in 2018 LF launched the Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center (CCIC) to provide an innovative space to generate and scale innovative practices, programs, and policies to support the LF network and cities around the world.



The CCIC exists to work with leaders of good faith and good will to generate and scale innovative practices, programs, and policies that promote the social and spiritual renewal of cities around the world.



The CCIC will embody LF’s values and will place particular emphasis on how to lead from a place of humility and humor while pursuing professional excellence and creativity.


Innovation Centers in a Changing World


The world is rapidly changing and if organizations are going to survive, how they learn to adapt their programs and processes will be critical. We are experiencing significant and disruptive technological, social, economic, and political change, and while many organizations do need to find ways to innovate in order to compete, the greater challenge is that millions of people and communities are falling behind because organizations are not adapting. More importantly, there has been little to no investment in models of innovation from the faith community.

To address this challenge, an innovation center can do more than generate new programs and products. It can also model new ways of approaching the mission and work of an organization. In this approach, a center makes the entire organization more innovative by training leaders and teams in new ways of imagining and designing projects, collaborating with partners, sharing stories, and capturing data.


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