Capacity Building

Making an impact requires the organizational skills to operate within the existing framework.

These programs focus on building the business-oriented skill sets necessary to increase the scope of individuals and organizations.


Capacity Building Services include:

  • Board Development
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising Training
  • Incubating Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Staff Development

Featured Program:

Goodcity, Chicago, Illinois


In a city known for its big political machines, entrenched neighborhoods, huge systems, and complex inner city issues, Goodcity, the local leadership foundation of Chicago, has embraced, according to its president, Jimmy Lee, a very simple strategy for community development: “Find leaders and empower them.” In many ways it’s about doing a small, powerful thing over and over to achieve big, lasting results. Instead of a “wrecking ball, urban renewal approach,” Goodcity’s strategy is more like in-fill, more like planting sprigs of ivy along the foundation walls of injustice, knowing that someday, those sprigs will grow together to bring those walls of poverty and violence down. The small sprigs Goodcity invests in are capable, trustworthy leaders doing transformational community work but who aren’t yet able to take it to sustainability.


Goodcity is founded on the value of human potential and the belief that empowered people become engaged citizens who build stable, healthy communities. Goodcity works to enhance the capacity of community members in working together to develop leaders, access resources, and alleviate problems plaguing vulnerable neighborhoods. Goodcity accomplishes this in a variety of ways, but primarily through its work with nonprofit startups.


Many of its partner organizations do not initially have a well-crafted mission statement, a developed board of directors, or a strategic plan for success. Through its workshop series and one-on-one consulting services, Goodcity works directly with partners to help them uncover the many assets they already possess. They also work with them to develop the tools they need to achieve sustainability as a non-profit organization well beyond their partnership with Goodcity. In so doing, Goodcity contributes to community development by strengthening organizations providing vital human services across the city.


One-on-one consulting, fiscal agency, and helping organizations define measurable objectives, then regularly benchmarking programs against these objectives makes participating as a Goodcity partner more than an educational experience, but really a journey toward sustainability.


Through capacity development programs, local leadership foundations like Goodcity and many others are changing cities for the better: one individual and group at a time.

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